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Spray Guns & Pressure Pots

We have always had a great service from Black Country Paints. They deliver as promised and will always try to accommodate our various requirements. We order large quantities on a regular basis and have never had a problem with the consistency of materials and the colour matches.

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Spray Guns

In a commercial environment, optimising your workflow is extremely important. You may have a number of paint jobs on at once. This being the case, you need to ensure the tools you are using are up to the task. Our spray guns are able to help industrial and commercial paint sprayers: improving workflow and creating lasting results. Although a high quality paint will go a long way, your results will still be substandard if it has been applied with an inferior brush or sprayer. The spray guns available at BC Paints offer consistent and professional results every time. Browse the full range of our spray guns today.

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    Spray Pressure Pots

    We have spray pressure pots as well as spray guns available. As a leading manufacturer of paint and paint supplies, you can be assured of our product quality and attention to detail. At Black Country Paints, the customer comes first. This being the case, we have carefully created and continually adapted our spray guns and spray pressure pots to guarantee maximum results. For professional, lasting and consistent results we encourage you to explore our spray pressure pots and spray guns. We can offer discounts on bulk orders and all of our products are courier shipped.