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Paint Cleaners

We have always had a great service from Black Country Paints. They deliver as promised and will always try to accommodate our various requirements. We order large quantities on a regular basis and have never had a problem with the consistency of materials and the colour matches.

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Paint Brush Cleaner

Here at BC Paints we offer a range of paint cleaners suitable for cleaning your paint equipment and substrates.

If you are looking to clean your brushes and rollers you can use our White Spirit, Quick Drying or Standard thinners depending on what product has been used.

Our standard thinners will clean any spray equipment as well as degreasing steel, supplied in 25 Litre drums.

Our high quality concrete cleaner also known as acid descale it recommend to be used on a bare concrete floor prior to using our concrete floor paints. It helps remove surface contamination; this helps to provide a good key ready for the first coat of paint. Apply to floor, leave for an hour then wash off with water. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly prior to painting.

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Paint Roller Cleaner


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