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We have used Black Country Paints for the last 6 years to supply all our paint requirements. Their product, service and reliability is top quality. We highly recommend them.

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Vehicle Paint Manufacturers & Suppliers

As vehicle paint manufacturers, our vehicle paints give a perfect finish every time. Here at Black Country Paints, we can mix and match almost any colour paint for vehicles from the RAL and British Standard colour charts.

Our extensive vehicle paints range consists of single pack polyurethane and two pack acrylic top coats. These are coupled with single pack and two pack primers to suit an assortment of applications.

The range of vehicle paints is suitable for engines, wheels, chassis, agricultural tractors and trailers, as well as industrial, military, Land Rover and off-road vehicles.

Suitable for new builds or refurbishment work on plant and machinery equipment, our vehicle paints can also be used on excavators, diggers, trailers, dumpers, generators, cranes, and buckets along with any other plant and machinery which needs painting.

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– Agricultural Tractors
– Agricultural Trailers
– Chassis
– Commercial Vehicles
– Engines
– Land Rover Vehicles
– Military Vehicles
– Off Road Vehicles
– Wheels

– Coach enamel
– Euroflow 2K Enamel
– Euroflow 2K Primer
– Europrime 2
– Eurospeed 1
– Eurospeed 1 High Temperature
– One Pack Etch Primer
– Polyguard QDP
– Truckguard Primer
– Universal PU Enamel

Vehicle Paint Manufacturers

Every surface in a vehicle, from the bodywork and chassis to the exhaust and even the wheel’s surfaces needs a specialised coating to endure and perform its best. We supply Coach Enamel, Euroflow 2K primer and top coat, Eurospeed 1, high temperature, Truckguard primer, Universal PU enamel and more.

Our vehicle paints protect from corrosion and damage caused by everything the road throws at it. By forming a tough, flexible coating, they provide a barrier between the substrate and stone chips, gravel, road debris, sand, and other objects which may damage the vehicle.

For commercial vehicles that spend a long time on the road, durability is the key. Our paint is resistant to corrosion and UV damage. The ability to easily repair damage is also hugely important for commercial vehicle coatings to reduce vehicle off road time and inconvenience.

As vehicle paint manufacturers, Black Country Paints can deliver all your vehicle paint requirements in one to three days with bulk discounts available.

Please get in touch for advice on availability and colour matching. If you’re not sure which vehicle paint you need, call or email Black Country Paints for a rundown of our portfolio of paints. Get in touch on 01902 428 482 or email at

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    1. How long will vehicle paint last?

    The longevity of vehicle paint depends on the type of paint used, application, and environmental factors. Vehicle paint typically lasts for several years with regular maintenance.

    2. Is 1K or 2K vehicle paint better?

    There is no best option between 1K and 2K vehicle paint. 2K paint is considered more durable and long-lasting, and is a popular choice for automotive applications. Whereas, 1K paint is easier to use but is not as durable. You should make your choice based on the quality and durability you desire for your vehicle.

    3. What vehicle paint types should I consider?

    The type of paint you choose depends on the required finish. You may prefer a solid colour in comparison to a metallic or pearl finish. Similarly, matte and satin finishes are common, but may not suit your style. Consider appearance, durability, weather conditions, and maintenance when making your choice.

    4. What are the most popular colours and what should I avoid?

    Black and silver are difficult colours to match, but are common vehicle colours, along with white and grey. Bright colours could draw unwanted attention and affect resale value, but they are best for avoiding road accidents.

    5. Should I wrap or paint my vehicle?

    Whether you should wrap or paint your vehicle depends on your desired result. Wrapping is temporary, but it can be removed and protects the original paint. Whereas, painting offers a permanent finish and provides a bigger variety of colours and finishes, but is not easily removed.