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We have used Black Country Paints for the last 6 years to supply all our paint requirements. Their product, service and reliability is top quality. We highly recommend them.

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Electrostatic Paints Manufacturers & Suppliers

Black Country Paints manufacture a market-leading electrostatic coating developed to provide superb value for high-volume paint users. Our electrostatic paint is long-lasting and hard-wearing and is great for both low and high-pressure spray gun applications. Fast and easy to apply, our electrostatic paint requires no thinner and benefits from reduced VOC emissions, reduced overspray and more surface coverage.

Using an electrostatic paint sprayer, our coating gives an impeccable finish to any metalwork in your industrial or commercial premises. The paint is applied uniformly, even on intricately detailed objects, so surfaces will look like new with a quality on par with powder coatings. The finish is perfectly smooth with no brush marks or bubbles, as electrostatic paint is magnetically attracted to the metal surface.


Electrostatic coatings use positively charged particles to evenly coat a conductive, metallic surface. As the paint particles are electrically attracted to the surface, electrostatic paints provide greater coverage efficiency, less overspray and better wraparound than other spray paints. The reduced solvent content also lowers environmentally harmful VOC emissions. Electrostatic coatings are not compatible with nonconductive surfaces, such as wood, stone and concrete.

Electrostatic paints provide numerous environmental, cost-saving and time-saving advantages over conventional spray paint.

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  • Reduced VOC emissions
  • Less overspray (paint missing the surface when sprayed and left in the atmosphere), meaning less air pollution and lower environmental impact
  • Reduced health risk to spray paint operators
  • Cost-saving benefits
  • Improved paint transfer efficiency – 25% less waste than conventional spray paints
  • Reduced overspray means you use less paint for each coating
  • Improved durability and quality compared with conventional spray paint
  • Better, more even surface coverage
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • No thinner required – simply give the paint a quick stir and use immediately
  • Ultrafast drying – reduced risk of water spotting
  • High build rate of up to 450 µm per coat before the paint starts to run

Our Electrostatic Paint is compatible with most types of spray equipment, including Graco, Wagner, DeVilbiss and Kremlin. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions and apply in the same way as a conventional spray paint.

Our Electrostatic Paint can be ordered directly by contacting our technical sales team by phone or email. We offer a UK-wide delivery service and after-sales technical support, including advice on storage, application and curing. Please allow a 2 to 3 day delivery lead time from receipt of order. Minimum order volume 20 Litre, with attractive rates available for higher volume orders.

To find out more, or to discuss your requirements with one of our team, please call 01902 954944 or fill in our Contact Us Form


Electrostatic Coatings

Restoring a surface, rather than replacing it, will save a great deal of money. Because the electrostatic paint coating wraps around the surface, even hard-to-reach areas are covered. Therefore, the life of the object being painted is extended because corrosion is prevented.

An extremely strong bond between the metal surface and the paint is formed when electrostatic coating is used, so the coating is robust as well as beautiful. When the substrate has been prepared thoroughly, the electrostatic coatings will not peel or flake.

Any type of exterior or interior metalwork can be coated electrostatically, but certain items benefit more from using this process than others. An electrostatic paint sprayer is ideal for metal objects that are difficult to recoat with conventional spraying equipment, including office furniture, aluminium doors and frames, signage and roller shutters.

Unlike powder coating, which needs to be baked in order to oven-cure, our electrostatic paint will be ready in a few hours allowing business as usual the following day.

Applying ElectroStatic Paint

Our electrostatic paint is compatible with most types of spray equipment, including Graco, Wagner, DeVilbiss and Kremlin. The electrostatic coatings are available in any colour. Our minimum order volume is 20 Litres, with attractive rates available for higher volume orders. Our average order volume is 3,000 litres or more.

We offer a UK-wide delivery service and after-sales technical support, including advice on storage, application and curing. We would normally ask you to allow a two to three day delivery lead time from receipt of order.

If you’re unsure which product is the right one for you, call us on 01902 954 944 to chat with us for free, no obligation assistance.

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    1. How long does electrostatic paint last?

    Electrostatic paint typically lasts several years. However, the longevity of electrostatic paint depends on environmental factors, the surface it’s applied to, and the application.

    2. What are the advantages of electrostatic paint?

    Electrostatic paint has several advantages, including:

    • Coverage and adhesion
    • Reduces the likelihood of drips and runs
    • Increased transfer efficiency
    • Minimises waste
    • Reduced overspray
    • Environmentally friendly option
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Coats irregularly shaped objects

    3. What is electrostatic paint?

    Electrostatic paint uses electrical charges to enhance the adhesion of paint, making it stick to the surface for longer.

    4. Is electrostatic paint the same as powder coating?

    Electrostatic paint is not the same as powder coating, but they do have a similar process. Electrostatic paint uses electrical particles to spray liquid paint onto a service, drying naturally. Whereas, powder coating requires applying a dry powder to a surface before manually curing it to turn it into a hard, protective coating immediately.

    5. What materials is electrostatic paint suitable for?

    Electrostatic paint is suitable for a wide variety of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. It’s commonly used as an industrial paint for automotive, manufacturing, and construction applications.