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BC Paint’s Euroguard & Polyguard QDP Paints

09 Nov 16
Adam Hill
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Euroguard & Polyguard QDP by BC Paints


Euroguard and Polyguard QDP Paint






Here at BC Paints we manufacture and produce high quality coatings for all industries. We have a fully qualified paint chemist, that along with our 50 years combined experience drives the company forward with new formulas and specific products.


Some of our own products include Euroguard Primer Finish, a paint that we have manufactured in our Midlands based factory for over 20 years. Euroguard Primer Finish offers a one coat anti corrosive coating, with good adhesion and exterior durability qualities. With its anti corrosive pigments this coating does not require a primer. The paint is touch dry within 30 minutes.


Another one of our quality formulated products is Polyguard QDP, a compliant single pack solvent-based coating designed for use as a refinishing paint for commercial vehicles. Polyguard QDP is based on a urethane modified resin system which provides a strong paint film with good chemical resistance and a mirror-like gloss. Selection of high quality pigments further enhances the properties by providing improved weathering resistance and light fastness of the coating. Use of Single Polyguard QDP is not restricted to vehicle refinish. It can also be used in the industrial and ACE markets where a hard flexible glossy coating is required.


With these and many more products such as our new Two Pack Epoxy paint which drys in 30 minutes our range of industrial paints is always evolving. Take a look round our Paint Range Section to see just how versatile our range of paints are!


If you require paint on a more casual or one of basis, then perhaps our online store, TA Paints LTD will have the products to suite your needs. TA Paints hosts a massive range of paints for all types of users, from painting your garage door to re-coating your factory!