Stain Blocking Paint

We have always had a great service from Black Country Paints. They deliver as promised and will always try to accommodate our various requirements. We order large quantities on a regular basis and have never had a problem with the consistency of materials and the colour matches.

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Stain Blocking Paint

Stains on walls or surfaces can be unappealing visually. Thanks to the stain blocking paint available from BC Paints, wall stains can be a thing of the past. The problem with a lot of paints is that tough stains can still show when painted over. It takes a paint with a specially designed formula, such as our stain blocking paint, to really tackle tough stains. Whether it is water staining or smoke damage, our stain blocking paint is up to the task. With fantastic stain blocking potential as well as general durability and longevity, our stain blocking paint is excellent for anyone who is sidetracked with persistent stains in a renovation project.

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    Stains on a wall can be such a nuisance, especially if you have only just decorated. They are often caused by moisture that leads to discolouration or dampness on the wall. Leaking pipes or penetrating damp caused by water entering through an exterior wall to the interior wall are often the cause. It is crucial not to just paint over the stain, as you will not solve the issue. Here at Black Country paints we have a range of paints that covers stains or stain blocking products. Continue for the full range of stain blocking paint.