Non Slip Paint for Stairs

We have always had a great service from Black Country Paints. They deliver as promised and will always try to accommodate our various requirements. We order large quantities on a regular basis and have never had a problem with the consistency of materials and the colour matches.

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Non Slip Paint for Stairs

Stairs are one of the areas that need a durable anti-slip protection due to extensive levels of foot traffic that can cause wear over time. With our industrial grade non-slip paint for stairs you can protect the surface of your staircases and prevent any accidents. Our anti slip step paint is formulated using high quality materials to offer perfect coverage. The premixed aggregate in the paint provides a rough textured non-slip finish to the surface of your steps. Our non-slip paint for stairs is suitable for various surfaces including concrete. Browse our range of non-slip paint for stairs today.

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    Non Slip Paint for Stairs

    As leading paint manufacturers in the country Black Country Paints offer an impressive range of high quality anti-slip stairs paint. Our non-slip paints for stairs are the ideal solution for protecting your steps from abrasion and harsh chemicals as well as preventing any accidents while walking down the stairs. This type of paint can be particularly useful for outdoor staircases that are exposed to weather conditions and thus are more prone to becoming slippery.

    We supply a brilliant range of anti slip paint, suitable for industrial application in factories, warehouses, shops and more. Head over to our online shop to browse our full range, or if you have any questions give us a call.