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We manufacture and Install estate fencing and a wide range of Architectural Ironwork throughout the UK, we are only as good as our last job and rely heavily on Black Country Paints to deliver the paint finish that we require. they manufacture a large range of quality paints that handle and apply well in a wide range of conditions (we love the English weather). We have used them exclusively for over 10 years. Great people to deal with, Excellent technical knowledge backed up with a great delivery service. Highly recommended.

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Military Paint

At BC Paints, we have a comprehensive range of military paints that can endure the harsh conditions of military operations. Military paints and military vehicle paints need to have a high level of wear and tear resistance, as well as a good resistance to corrosion, weathering and UV. Our military vehicle paint can provide exactly this: offering a fantastic finish complete with protective properties.

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    Military Vehicle Paint

    Military paints, more so than other paints, are designed to withstand harsh environments and unpredictable weather. Military vehicles need to be able to function whatever the circumstances are, so military paints are no different. Not only do military vehicle paints, and military vehicle primers, need to offer a professional finish, but they need to have strong protective qualities. Military paints form a protective layer for military vehicle parts. This ensures military vehicles and cars are protected, and military personnel are able to focus the bulk of their time and energy on important duties (not worrying about vehicle repairs and maintenance).

    We at BC Paints have poured years of experience in our unique paint formulas. Our military paints, primers and top coats all have one thing in common: they represent the industry’s best quality military paints. Regardless of stress and frequent use, applying our military vehicle paint to vehicle parts will ensure you are always protected. Using a paint from our top coats range, as well as our military vehicle primer, will provide you with an all encompassing protective paint solution. Shop the full range of military paints today by BC Paints.