Agricultural Paint Coatings is one of Black Country Paints specialist areas, we currently manufacture and supply paint for a range of applications including tractors, trailers, building machinery & plant.

We also provide the highest quality agricultural paint coating for uses on vehicles, trailers, chassis and agricultural plant equipment. Our fully cured coatings are hard wearing and highly durable in the most challenging of environments, with excellent weather resistant properties.

Our range of Agricultural Paint Coatings are available in:

  • 2k Acrylic Primer
  • 2K Acrylic Top Coat
  • Cladding Paint
  • Coach Enamel
  • Etch Primer
  • Primer for brush and roller application
  • Quick Drying Once Coat Direct to Metal – Semi-gloss finish
  • Quick Drying Primer
  • Quick Drying top coat – gloss finish
  • Top coat – Universal PU Enamel for brush and roller application
  • Treatments for Galvanised Steel
  • Two Pack Epoxy Primers – Zinc Rich, Zinc Phosphate & MIO
  • Two Pack Epoxy Top Coats
  • Wheel Silver
  • Zinc Rich Primer

Whats new

BCP are always looking to extend or range to meet the high standards needed where Agricultural Paint Coatings markets are concerned. Along with our fully qualified paint chemist, we are able to develop new formulas and coatings to continually improve our range of plant and machinery and agricultural paints coatings.