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Black Country Paint Ltd was formed in April 1993 and started manufacturing a limited range of industrial, decorative and floor paints. BCP opened its first site in Salisbury Street, Wolverhampton accommodating the two directors along with three other employees

Within its first year, Black Country Paints Ltd employed a full-time business development manager and began supplying various West midlands based automotive businesses, supplying a range of maintenance paints and floor coatings.

Over a short amount of time, business with these customers grew due not only to the quality of the products supplied but also the value-added service provided.

By January 1998, Black Country Paints were awarded a Certificate of Registration by NQA National Quality Assurance, applicable to the manufacture of general industrial and decorative paint manufacture. This has since been updated to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.

In June 2006 Paul Hill tookBC Indsutrial Paints | Our Office full control of the company upon Barry Hawthorns retirement. It is now a family run business, with the addition of Pauls two sons, Thomas and Adam Hill in 2004 and 2006 respectively. In the short time since joining BCP, Thomas and Adam have driven the business forward with innovative solutions and product development in both commercial and operational capacities. Both Thomas and Adam are a vital to the continued success and growth of the business.

BCP have grown to one of the UK’s largest independent paint manufacturers and suppliers, and has a dedicated paint production facility at its original location in Salisbury Street, Wolverhampton.

Our site includes a fully equipped laboratory where paint is developed and paint formulations are maintained to ensure a consistent and repeatable match of both colour and finish. Our productions area includes a full range of high quality processing machines that enable a consistently high-quality product. In addition to our niche-quality products our experienced team are able to offer technical advice and services, utilising years of experience to ensure all the customers’ requirements and fulfilled. All of these facilities are operated under the Company’s Quality Management System, so that we continue to maintain and improve on the high level of service that we offer to all our customers.

Today the Company workforce totals 12 full time staff.

Now Black Country Paints Ltd Manufactures a wide range of industrial paints, water based primers and top coats, vehicle paints, marine paints, floor paints, home and out door paints and other specialist coatings that include:
  • High Build Zinc Phosphate Primers
  • QD Enamels
  • Waste Manament Coatings
  • One coat Direct to Metal Paints
  • One coat Direct To Galve Paint
  • Quick Drying Enamels
  • High Temprature Paint
  • Non slip Floor paint
  • Two pack Epoxy Floor Paint
  • Floor Sealer Clear
  • Floor Paint
  • Factory Maintanance
  • Line Marking Paint
  • Solvent free Floor paint
  • Two Pack Epoxy Paints
  • Water Based Industrial Primers
  • Water Based Dipping Primer
  • Waterbased Industrial Gloss One Coat Primer Finish
  • Compliant Solvent Based paints
  • Machine Enamels
  • Metal Paints
  • Brushing Enamels
  • Brushing Primers
  • Mordant Solution
  • Twash
  • Etch Primers
  • Aluminium Primers
  • Gates and Railings Paint
  • Industrial Building Paint
  • Cladding Paint (for plastisol caldding)
  • Agricultural buildings Paint
  • Structural Steel Paint
  • Chlorinated Rubber Paint
  • Swimming Pool Paint
  • Agricultural Trailer paint
  • Agriculrural Tractor Paint
  • Chassis Paint
  • Military Vehicle Paints
  • Van Paint
  • Commercial Vehicle Paint
  • Coach Enamel Polyguard QDP Paint
  • 2K Acrylic Eurocryl 2K 42 HS Primers And Top Coats
  • High Quality Primers Truckguard
  • Wheel Silver
  • Tyre Black
  • Marine Primer
  • Marine Paint
  • Contract Emulsion
  • Vinyl Emulsion
  • Decorative Gloss
  • Decorative Primer
  • Aerosol Spray Paint
  • Stoving Enamels Inc High Solids One Coat Stoving Paint