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2k Acrylic Primer

The 2k acrylic primer is an all-in-one primer. At Black Country Paints, we manufacture and supply 2k acrylic primers for all your spraying requirements.

We manufacture and install estate fencing and a wide range of architectural ironwork throughout the UK, we are only as good as our last job and rely heavily on Black Country Paints to deliver the paint finish that we require. We have used them exclusively for over 10 years. Great people to deal with, excellent technical knowledge backed up with a great delivery service. Highly recommended.

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2k Acrylic Primer

A primer is an important preliminary process to achieve the best possible result. In addition to giving a much more professional appearance, using primer also gives a harder finish.

Although usually the primer is applied just before the painting process, 2k acrylic primer is an all-in-one primer giving you a finished look. This means you’ll save time and money without sacrificing the end result.

The ‘k’ in 2k primer stands for component, but in Europe it is spelled with a ‘k’. A 1k primer means only one component, so only the primer is needed to spray a panel. A 2k acrylic primer means two different components, so the primer and an activator is needed before spraying on a panel.

2k acrylic primer is a two-component product, however it needs a hardener and thinner with mixing ratio of 4:1:1. The 2k acrylic primer is much more durable than the 1k.

Be aware that 2k primer once mixed contains isocyanate meaning the correct RPE must be used.

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