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Thinners & Treatments

30 Jun 17
Adam Hill
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Check out our range of paint thinners and paint treatmentsPaint Thinners & Treatments

We at BC Paints Ltd Manufacture and supply a wide range of paint thinners & treatments to be couples with our extensive paint range.








Universal Thinners T0200       Universal Paint Thinner for thinning two pack epoxy, etch primers, qd paints and all
Xylene QD Thinners     Xylene QD  T1000 Thinners to suit all quick drying xylene based paints.   Delivery To
  White Spirit Paint Thinners   White Spirit T0001 Thinners meant for all white spirit based products   Delivery To
  Panel Wipe High quality Degreasing Solvent.         Panel Wipe for degresing and wiping down pannels prior to
Gun Wash Standard Thinners  is an economy solvent to wash all types of equipment.   Delivery To Delivery In Product
  Non Slip Aggregate Make a floor coating non slip with our quartz aggregate. How to use non slip aggregate
Concrete Floor Cleaner | Descaling Acid DIRECTIONS FOR USE Concrete Floor Cleaner Can Be Used As Concentrate Or Diluted (approximately
Two Pack Etch Aluminium Primer Overview   Two Pack Etch Primer Aluminium Primer mixing ratio 50/50 provides excellent adhesion to
Mordant Solution/ T Wash / Galvernizing Wash    T Wash   T Wash Mordant solution for use on galvanized steel